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Our purpose of the foundation is simple. We aim to be an honest and excellent website trusted to provide a comprehensive data source for online casino enthusiasts and players. Our focus is intact in providing local and international players a chance to venture into the online casino industry as safe as possible. For working in this industry, we are aware that most sites provide reviews and ratings that are too superficial because of the influence of the said online casinos in their businesses. Such marketing can be deceiving to many new players who are currently looking for a reliable piece of information that they can use for their gameplays.

Our players are our top priority. That is why they must have the most important details they need to get started. Everything will begin with identifying the legal from the illegal sites. Since online casinos' jurisdiction differ from one state to another, the players must know which ones they can trust and those they should refrain from visiting. For illegal offshore online casinos to attract players, they offer the most significant payout that you can win—with hidden charges and safety breaches.

About Part 5 G

Illegal offshore sites are different from the legal ones in terms of the site structure and mechanisms. You can see our authentic reviews of these sites on our blacklisted page because we want you to have a rundown of these sites. It will provide you a lot of insights on how you can detect them among hundreds of online casinos available on the internet even just by looking at the site structure, the type of payout, big promotions offered, and safety policies.

We commit to give reviews on these online casinos in an unbiased way, exhibiting all details necessary to weed out what players would get from their gameplays. Our expert team is players, and they play the first hand to provide you an authentic review that you will need. They detect possible errors in the software used in the game, review the online casino's policies, promotions, and, last but not least, identify which ones come with an excellent payout speed.

We do not accept gambling offers to promote a site, but we are working independently to give our readers the latest news and updates that will guide their choices while playing. The experts in this team also provide useful tips and insights on how to have higher chances to win while helping the player find the most suitable game he or she can excel in. We are an honest provider of relevant information about the online casino, and we will keep doing so in the years to come. You can count on us that we will continue to weed out the best among the rest and, at the same time, warn you from the illegal ones, so you are safe to play. With your support, this will be possible.