Like in Real Life: The Best Live Dealer Games to Try in 2020

Like in Real Life The Best Live Dealer Games to Try in 2020

Online casinos promise many things, and they do not miss the part where you can try playing like in real-life casinos. They make this possible by gathering all the best live games from trusted suppliers. Evolution Gaming tops the list of these providers, and you will never regret trying any of its casino games.

If you have not tried playing live yet, it is time to explore its wonders. Skip the simple slot machines, and make your life more thrilling with cards and table games. What if you do not know any titles of live dealer casinos? That is why we have written this article to guide you in this aspect.

What is Live Dealer, and How Does It Work?

Live dealer games do not go away with the brick and mortar set up. However, it has the edge over real-life casinos since you can play them in your homes' comfort. It uses advanced technology and system to provide you an authentic casino experience.

Many players ask if they can trust live dealer casino games since they happen online. The truth is there is no guarantee if it is safe or not, but this depends on which website you are using. There are many reputable casinos today, and it will help if you do some research. They also try their best to maintain an equitable space to their players by using Random Number Generators (RNG).

What Are the Games That You Can Try If You Want to Go Live?

#1. Live Blackjack

This classic casino game is one of the top-rated choices online. You will probably have an excellent time focusing on your cards to strategize your next move. Another thing to love about blackjack is it has different variants that you can try, so you do not have to be stuck on a setup that you do not like. Plus, you will get a chance to win real-money prizes and comps if you go on mastering blackjack.

#2. Live Casino Hold'Em

You are not playing against other players in this game, but you have to win over the dealer. Casino Hold'Em is one of the highest paying live games online, and your payout depends on the quality of the dealer's hands and your cards. If you are lucky in beating the dealer, expect to win lots of surprises, and they come in huge numbers.

#3. Live Roulette

The most famous among the three kinds of roulette is European. Roulette is not similar to other tabletop games where you can control how it goes, for you will need to ask some help from the stars here. While it is mostly out of luck, this game still needs some technique to maximize the whole gameplay. If you want to go for roulettes with lower house edges, you should consider choosing those with multiple wheels.


Playing in live casino dealer games is as exciting as other casino classics. What's more, it saves your time dressing up and going to your nearest casino. You will still have more chances at hitting the largest jackpot prize, and it comes with an advanced system to make your gameplay smooth and glitch-free.

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